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Image of Dare the CTO of Swipemax

The process was very responsive and smooth. Our hiring process that would normally take 6 weeks was done in 2. The commitment was unparalled.

Dare - CTO, Swipemax

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Gigson is designed to match and hire top performing talent that are 100% driven to help your business grow.

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1000s of applicants via social media, whatsapp groups & recruitment companies.

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Our mission is to help Tech Businesses Succeed.

Our approach improves technical support, talent hiring and management processes to improve work productivity for Startups and Enterprise.

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Choose from a community of over 7000 tech talent to hire or supplement your team. We deliver from our carefully selected pool within a short turn around time.

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Talent Acquisition support

Whether you’re a Start-up or Enterprise, our talent acquisition support helps you save time and money from start to finish.

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0 Recruitment Fees.

Skip the paperwork and get top-notch talents at no extra costs -- % of annual pay is so old school.

Better candidates, better results, shorter time.

Image of Dare, the CTO of Swipemax

The process was very responsive and smooth. Our hiring process that would normally take 6 weeks was done in 2 --- The commitment was unparalled.

Dare - CTO, Swipemax.

image of Henry Chibuzo, CEO of Schoolable

The challenging part for us was selection. All the shortlisted developers really exceeded our expectations.

Henry Chibuzo, CEO Schoolable (YC W'19)

Image of Ayodeji Arikawe, CTO of Thrive Agric

Our roles were filled and we went straight to work with committed developers. I must commend the smooth and fast process, and I look forward to using Gigson again.

Ayodeji Arikawe - CTO Thrive Agric (YC W'19)

Gigson is the new industry standard for hiring developers.

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We surveyed the state of code jobs in Nigeria for 2 years.

After connecting 3000+ jobs with developers, we noticed quite a few things.

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