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Dare - CTO Swipemax

"Our roles were filled and we went straight to work with committed developers. I must commend the smooth and fast process, and I look forward to using Gigson again."

Ayodeji Arikawe - CTO Thrive Agric (YC W'19)

About Thrive Agric

Thrive Agric is a technology-driven agricultural company that helps smallholder farmers in Nigeria to access crowdfunded loans to help grow their crops and help them sell their produce. The company is backed by the team at Ventures platform and Ycombinator.

Enabling Agriculture with qualified hands.

Africa has over 500 million smallholder farmers, yet its set to spend $110 billion importing food into the country. Thrive Agric believes that Africa has the potential to feed the world by using technology to link smallholder farmers to access to finance to grow their crops.

Thrive Agric employs a data driven approach to increase yields and make the profitable. For this reason, the company’s desired to hire developers who were not only true to its mission but also had the necessary skills for Thrive Agric to constantly improve yields. Thrive Agris is targeting financing opportunities to help one million shareholder farmers across Africa and we are excited to have helped them recruit exceptional tech talent to scale their business.

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