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"The challenging part for us was selection. All the shortlisted developers really exceeded our expectations."

Henry Chibuzo, CEO Schoolable (YC W'19)

About Schoolable

Schoolable is a fintech company that focuses on providing access to affordable finance in the private school system in Africa.

Schoolable ramps up their tech team with Gigson

Schoolable is going after a big problem in Africa - access to finance. The problem affects every facet of the economy including education. To solve a big problem such as this, a very capable team is needed. Financial technology is an area where expertise and experience matter a lot.

In a bid to quickly scale up their tech team, Henry, CEO of Schoolable used Gigson to get shortlisted candidates within a week. Gigson recommended developers based on their past projects, years of experience and other external recommendations. We also conducted a coding test to verify the developers’ ability. The interview process with Henry was very simple and conducted over Skype with the developers. In less than a month, developers were selected and onboarded to the Schoolable team.

Henry summarized the entire process as stress-free, fast and affordable, as the talent were well within the Company’s budget.

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